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This little book of insights contains forty-nine parables and fables that will amuse, teach, and inspire you to reflect on your life and actions. Some of the stories are funny, others are enigmatic and philosophical, but they all convey remarkable life lessons and morals. The tales were carefully selected from the Buddhist, Hindu, Daoist (Taoist), and Confucian traditions, as well as from Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean folklore. If you let them, they just might blow your mind!

Yoga and meditation instructors and practitioners may find these wise tales valuable for contemplating their training. College professors and high school teachers may find them handy for preparing lectures and stimulating class debates. Psychologists and bibliotherapists may find them useful for therapy sessions. And anyone else in search of wisdom would surely benefit from perusing through these enchanting tales of sages, monks, Zen masters, scorpions, centipedes, and horses.

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Tal Ben Shahar,

Bestselling Author of Happier

Stories have the power to change us--to help us learn and grow, and to help us help others do the same. In this inspiring collection of tales from the East, Uri Kaplan provides us a precious treasure that can help us find more fulfillment, more joy, in our lives. This book is ideal for teachers, parents, or anyone who simply wants to be happier.

Publishers Weekly


In this illuminating anthology, Kaplan (Buddhist Apologetics in East Asia), brings together 49 parables from East Asia and India. Though many of these stories, like "A Piggyback Ride" (a lesson in letting go of the past), will be familiar to readers interested in Buddhism, Kaplan's articulations of them flow well and move briskly to key points.


Readers' Favorite

One of the joys of these wise tales is that they can easily be shared, and I expect that the stories Kaplan has collected here will illuminate many future conversations with friends. A few of the stories I loved; some of them are touching (like The Mouse King), some are nuggets of wisdom, and some are downright funny. Ultimately, what you get from Wise Tales From the East will depend mostly on your own reflection. The stories in Kaplan’s book will provide fodder for years.

Michal Kahn, PhD
Clinical Psychologist

This insightful book takes you on a journey, beautifully demonstrating some of the simple truths of our human existence. I look forward to using the stories in therapy and in teaching.

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