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Who Are We?

Prapanca Press is new international, postmodern, bilingual, indie book artisan. We publish books in both English and Hebrew.

We love anything with a quirky zest, a punch, an "aha" moment, lingering irony, provoking paradox, fairytale optimism, and a pinch of eye-opening relentless wisdom.

Submit a Manuscript

Prapanca Press welcomes submissions of original book manuscripts. 

We accept all nonfiction manuscripts for review. We especially welcome proposals for contributions to our Wise Tales series.

Please send your manuscript in MS Word along with a short introduction of the book and an author bio to our editors at:

Thank you!

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Coming Soon

book cover Wise Tales From Europe
book cover Wise Tales From Africa
book cover Wise Tales From the Arab World

Have Your Book Translated to Hebrew

We welcome requests from publishers and independent authors interested in breaking into the Hebrew-language book market. We work closely with authors to produce meticulous, quality translations, and offer additional production and distribution services in Israel. 

Please send inquiries including a short summary of the book, its genre, the number of words, an author bio, and other information to our editors at:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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